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By Seth Kahn, JongHwa Lee

This volume examines the function of rhetoric in today’s tradition of democratic activism. the quantity takes on of the main major demanding situations presently dealing with modern rhetorical stories: (1) the contested meanings and practices of democracy and civic engagement in worldwide context, and (2) the imperative function of rhetoric in democratic activist practices. In featuring various political and rhetorical struggles of their particular contexts, editors Seth Kahn and JongHwa Lee permit participants to mirror on and problematic probabilities for either activist ways to rhetorical reviews, and rhetorical techniques to activist initiatives, facilitating larger realizing the socio-political effects of this paintings.

With members from widely recognized students in verbal exchange and composition reviews, the gathering deals useful instances that spotlight how rhetoric mediates, constitutes, and/or intervenes in democratic rules and practices. It additionally considers theoretical questions that recognize profound voids within the rhetorical culture (e.g., Western, neo-Aristotelian, liberal) and extend the horizon of conventional rhetorical views. It advocates new wisdom and practices that extra advertise civic engagement, social swap and democracy within the worldwide context.

Activism and Rhetoric will be applicable for students and scholars throughout disciplines, including rhetoric, composition, conversation stories, political technology, cultural reports, and women’s reports.

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Never mind that my partner of ten years, suffering from a chronic illness, spent a year away from our home for a job with decent health benefits; never mind that thousands of us have no access to our lovers’ sickbeds, no medical or fiscal decision-making capacity, no health insurance benefits, and no right to shared property. In such a context, the kind of intervention necessary to defend civil rights and procure social justice requires attention to material and institutional consequences of oppression, as well as public, interventionist movements involving intellectuals alongside others pushing for these gains.

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