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Occupy strategies from Oakland to NYC
Tarek El Diwany and his conversion to Islamic Economics
Sean Devlin writes approximately resistance within the Philippines
Walkout fallout at Harvard
#Occupy Chicago
Mongolia’s progressive lumpenproletariat
China wrestles with 1.3 billion desires
Nadim Fetaih explores Canada’s unrecognizable future
Planting for the worldwide Spring …

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n+1 is a brand new York–based American literary journal that publishes social feedback, political remark, essays, paintings, poetry, booklet stories, and brief fiction. it truly is released thrice every year, and content material is released on its web site a number of occasions every one week. each one print factor averages round two hundred pages in length.


This add is a part of an ongoing undertaking. I'm engaged on making . pdfs of each factor that's been published. the web site doesn't have the articles on hand as . pdfs, so I'm making those from scratch.


Read this journal for those who like: leftist politics and something literary.


Issue One - Negation, summer time 2004: 148 pgs

“It is time to assert what you suggest. ” Raids at the cultural norm. opposed to workout. Fiction through Sam Lipsyte and Benjamin Kunkel. Keith Gessen at the schooling of Gary Baum.


Please enable me understand while you're attracted to having me proceed this venture. The extra aid i am getting, the extra encouraged I'll think completing this.

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Daily Bible study will provide further guidance about how to gain access to this new abundant life. These slight revisions only indicate how closely our religious life resembles the Melanesian cargo cults. Of course, people pray for wealth the whole world over—not just Melanesians or Americans.

28 When the Bible hints that time might be open-ended, it always fears the ruin of God’s plan or it predicts an ultimate victory ending with stasis and closure. But the Bible never offers the view that events could be open-ended in a positive way. Worse yet, it makes violence indispensable to the fulfillment of God’s design, as we see when prophet Isaiah warns that heaven’s wrath will fall on everyone who stands in the way: For behold, the Lord will come with fire, And with His chariots like a whirlwind, To render His anger with fury, And His rebuke with flames of fire.

In Asia, Africa, and South America, conquest and colonization by the West had reduced whole continents to abject servitude. Faced with this depressing reality, Hegel set out to pioneer a new science of world events that would rise above the pain and confusion. He felt sure that history must follow natural laws no different from the laws of physics or chemistry. And in a series of highly technical works—with daunting titles like The Phenomenology of Spirit—Hegel claimed to have found those very laws.

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