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By Jason Brennan

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Most humans think democracy is a uniquely simply kind of govt. they suspect humans have the suitable to an equivalent proportion of political energy. they usually think that political participation is nice for us--it empowers us, is helping us get what we need, and has a tendency to make us smarter, extra virtuous, and extra taking care of each other. those are a few of our so much adored rules approximately democracy. yet, Jason Brennan says, they're all wrong.

In this trenchant booklet, Brennan argues that democracy will be judged by way of its results--and the implications usually are not more than enough. simply as defendants have a correct to a good trial, electorate have a correct to useful executive. yet democracy is the rule of thumb of the ignorant and the irrational, and all of it too frequently falls brief. in addition, nobody has a basic correct to any proportion of political strength, and exercise political strength does so much people little solid. to the contrary, quite a lot of social technology learn indicates that political participation and democratic deliberation truly are likely to make humans worse--more irrational, biased, and suggest. Given this grim photo, Brennan argues new method of government--epistocracy, the rule of thumb of the knowledgeable--may be larger than democracy, and that it is time to test and locate out.

A hard critique of democracy and the 1st sustained security of the guideline of the an expert, Against Democracy is vital interpreting for students and scholars of politics around the disciplines.

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After all, if I think that, say, the Harvard economics department is smart, and I then learn that it supports a particular policy, I might rationally defer to its opinion. If I hear that, for example, economist Andrei Schleifer disagrees with me about something in behavioral finance, I take that as strong presumptive evidence that I am wrong. 54 As I discussed above, many people acquire political information because they have a taste for politics. 55 Sports fans enjoy rooting for a team. They learn player histories, stats, odds, and sports facts, not because this information will help their team win, but because doing so increases their enjoyment of the game.

32 MOST VOTERS AREN’T STUPID; THEY JUST DON’T CARE Economists think it’s no great mystery why voters are so ignorant. It’s explained by basic microeconomics. Acquiring information has a cost. It takes time and effort—time and effort that could be spent promoting people’s other goals. When the expected costs of acquiring information of a particular sort exceed the expected benefits of possessing that sort of information, people will usually not bother to acquire the information. Economists call this phenomenon rational ignorance.

Even the hobbits—who lack strong ideologies—are more like potential hooligans or hooligans in waiting than they are potential vulcans.  . ”48 People tend to have bad epistemic behavior when participating in politics. They display high levels of bias when discussing or participating in politics. This may be because the human brain was designed more for winning arguments and forming coalitions than seeking truth. As psychologist Jonathan Haidt observes, 38 chaPter 2 Reasoning was not designed to pursue the truth.

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