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Artificially compounds which But on must therefore suppose that the production of the first living things took place under highly unusual circumstances perhaps entirely unique circumstances, for there is no good bodies. We evidence for the existence of life anywhere else in the universe except on the earth. " 22. CRITICISM OF THIS ARGUMENT I must now try to assess the force of this line of argument. seems to me to work very strongly against Radical Dualism, the kind of theory which asserts an absolute discrepancy between Nature and Mind, and supposes a sudden irruption of an alien influence into the material world.

Without doubt it is a bold paradox to suggest that the earlier stages of a process of consciousness exert no influence on the later stages. Surely, when, for instance, I am and cower or run or my being frightened cowering or running or flinching, and if I had not been frightened I should not have done so ? Surely, when I reach a conclusion or a decision after having thought about the matter, it is as a result of having thought, and if I had not so thought I should not have so concluded or decided ?

Aggravated and intensified the problem of Mind and Body by stripping the material object of all those qualities which make up the content of our sense-perception, and are around by common attributed sense to an external then what we perceive is reality. If the and adequate, not that world, nor even an accurate physicists' account of the external world is true but a misleading appearance. The materialist philosopher, if he accepts this account of the matter, must deny that anything present in our experience forms part of the copy of it, An 28 Introduction to Metaphysics physical world.

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