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Important studies include those of Erbse (1960), Van der Valk (1963–4), Martin Schmidt (1976), F. Montanari (1979), Henrichs (1971–3), and van Thiel (2000a), and general introductions include Nagy (1997), Gudeman (1921: 630–45), and the preface to Erbse (1969–88); Lamberton and Keaney (1992) offer a look at ancient readings of Homer as illustrated in the scholia and a variety of other sources. g. 5 In addition, most works on the textual history of the Homeric poems devote considerable attention to evaluating the ancient Homeric scholarship preserved in the scholia; recent examples of such works include Apthorp (1980), M.

The bT scholia are so called because they are found in manuscript T (eleventh century) and in the descendants of the lost manuscript b (6th century). They contain some Alexandrian material (much of it attributable to Didymus) but seem to 1. Except that identification as a D scholion takes precedence over identification as an A scholion, so material found in the main D-scholia manuscripts is considered to be D-scholia material even if it also occurs in A. Thus the different groups of scholia are grouped hierarchically in the order D, A, bT, other, and material is assigned to the first of these groups in which it is found.

This material has been collected in the fifth volume of Allen’s edition of Homer (1912 =TLG), where it is conveniently accessible with a reasonable text, and in M. L. West (2003), which offers a better text and English translation. There are also other usable versions; for example the Peri; @Omhvrou (Vita Homeri) of Proclus (a Neoplatonic philosopher of the fifth century ad) has been edited with French translation and extensive discussion by Severyns (1963). For a guide to editions of this material, and of the remains of other ancient scholarship on Homer that is too insignificant to be discussed here, see the list of abbreviations and editions in Erbse (1969–88); Graziosi (2002) provides a discussion of the biographical tradition.

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