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By Ann Leckie

ISBN-10: 0316246654

ISBN-13: 9780316246651

The sequel to Ancillary Justice, winner of the Hugo, Nebula, British technology Fiction, Locus and Arthur C. Clarke Awards.

Breq is a soldier who was a warship. as soon as a weapon of conquest controlling hundreds of thousands of minds, now she has just a unmarried physique and serves the emperor.

With a brand new send and a difficult workforce, Breq is ordered to visit the single position within the galaxy she may a comply with move: to Athoek Station to guard the relations of a lieutenant she as soon as knew - a lieutenant she murdered in chilly blood.

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Distinctions et position dans l'œuvre de l'auteur
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Il reçoit le prix Apollo 1985.
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Fire Warrior Teams consist of between six and twelve warriors. A team leader, or shas'ui, is a veteran wanior whose experience has prepared him to command. ]' ituation. The Fire caste puts utmost importance on acting in a coordinated fashion upon the battlefield. Needle acrifices or inadequately supporting nearby teams are considered great failures. Fire Warrior Teams drill endlessly in setting up overlapping fields of fire and positioning themselves so that they can efficiently protect other teams should they be attacked.

Target Acquired abilities used by a Tau vehicle, or vehicle For example: If a unit of six Fire Warriors t akes two Gun Drones and purchases EMP grenades, they only p ay 12 p oints for the EMP grenades (2 p oints for each Fire Warrior in the squad). I N D E P E N D E NT CHARACTE R S A N D squadron, also apply to any attached drones in the unit. If a vehicle is destroyed before it has detached its drones, the drones are automatically destroyed along with it. D ETACH I N G D R O N ES DRONES Independent Characters who have taken drones as During any friendly Movement phase, drones may upgrades are still permitted to join units, in which case detach from their vehicle in the same way as Infantry both the character and his drones join the unit.

Some teams also carry a few rail rifles - especially useful against power armoured infantry. An even more recent addition to the Pathfinder's arsenal is the ion rifle. Able to fire in two distinct modes, the ion rifle can vaporise light vehicles, but is unstable when J overcharged. Many Pathfinder shas'uis employ drones, and in the Third Sphere Expansion, new variants specially designed to assist Pathfinder Teams have been developed. Trading lives for ground is anathema to the Tau, and the Fire caste is trained to retreat and fight another day.

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