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By David S. Walther

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Subluxation are somewhat unpredictable. To therapy Therapy localization should be limited to the pa­ localize for a vertebral subluxation, one should find a tient touching the area to be evaluated. When the doc­ muscle that tests strong in the clear. This muscle is then tor or another individual touches the area, there may tested to evaluate for positive therapy localization. The be a change in the muscle test, either testing stronger patient touches the skin over a vertebral level, and the or weaker.

1 14. Westlake, PR, "Status of neuroholographic concepts," in Ho­ lography in Medicine - Proceedings of the International Sym­ posium on Holography, New York, 1973, ed P Greguss (Surrey, England: IPC Business Press Ltd, 1975). 1 15 . R Kohli, The Physiopathology and Treat­ ment of Functional Disorders (New York: Grune & Stratton, Inc, 1974). 1 1 6. , Nutrition Against Disease (New York: Bantam Books, 1973). 1 1 7. , "An amalgamation for progress," Spine, Vol 1 1 , No 6 (JuVAug 1986). 1 18 . Wing, TW, "Applied kinesiology, related organs, meridians,and ear-ricular therapy," Chiro Econ, Vol 2 1 , No 4 (Jan/Feb 1979).

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