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How clever are dolphins? Is their communique approach relatively as advanced as human language? And are they as pleasant and peaceable as they're made out to be?

Justin Gregg weighs up the claims made approximately dolphin intelligence and separates clinical truth from fiction. He provides the result of the most recent learn in animal behaviour, and places our wisdom approximately them into viewpoint with comparisons to clinical reviews of different animals, particularly the crow kinfolk and nice apes. He provides attention-grabbing money owed of the demanding situations of checking out what an animal with flippers and no facial expressions may perhaps truly be considering. Gregg's evidence-based procedure creates a entire and updated examine of this interesting animal with a view to entice all these intrigued by means of dolphin behaviour.

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Dolphin species produce a stunningly complex array of social organization, from the matrilineal family groups of killer whales to the fission–fusion societies seen in bottlenose dolphins, with long-term same-sex pair bonds lasting decades. 50,51 But the relationship between cortex size and social complexity does not appear to be a universal rule in the animal kingdom. 52 And it’s not at all applicable to birds, some species of which can live in complex social groups and exhibit social learning, but don’t possess a cortex.

101 In the end, the importance of having some sort of bulging front-brain structure in order to facilitate complex cognition is by no means a hard and fast rule. If anything, dolphins are evidence that it’s probably not a rule at all. Other anatomical oddities of the dolphin brain include a relatively small hippocampus, and a relatively large cerebellum. But what this tells us about dolphin cognition is, as I suspect you will have guessed by now, not at all clear. The hippocampus is integral to the processing of memory and learning for most species, particularly in the area of spatial navigation.

15), which 29 A R E DOL PHINS R E A L LY SM A RT? 26 There is, as of yet, no single cognitive trait that correlates strongly with EQ for cetacean species, let alone all the mammalian, non-mammalian vertebrates, or invertebrate species. These conflicting findings suggest that EQ, like absolute brains size, is a fickle metric with little universal predictive value when it comes to estimating which species are going to perform well on any given cognitive test. 38 A new hypothesis to explain this variance suggests that natural selection might have had a minimal role in the evolution of brain sizes for primates and cetaceans.

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