Aristophanes' Comedy of Names: A Study of Speaking Names in by Nikoletta Kanavou PDF

By Nikoletta Kanavou

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Aristophanes, the distinguished Greek comedian poet, is known for his performs on modern issues, during which he routines fierce political satire. historical political comedy made plentiful use of comically major right names - a lot as is the case in glossy satire. comedian names utilized by Aristophanes for his satirical pursuits (public figures, daily Athenians) give you the major topic of this booklet, which addresses questions resembling why specific names are selected (or invented), and the way they relate to the plays?? characters and issues.

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Sommerstein 1980: 167. This is Bentley’s justified emendation of the MSS Kajqat_dgr. 157 Cf. Olson 2002: 137 – 8, Sommerstein 1980: 167. 158 A correction of the MS Tis-; see also below on V. 401 (Teisi\dgr). 38 1 Acharnians sentment against the practice of entrusting young and undeserving citizens with diplomatic missions, while older ones are called up for the tough hoplite service (600). Regarding all except Katagela, the Scholia seem only to speculate, and the only possible inference is that they referred to everyday people mocked for various faults.

Sommerstein151 was probably right to translate ‘good heaver’ (cf. mhq²jym voqt¸om, of the chorus). D. Macleod in OCT [1972], J. Bompaire in Belles Lettres [1993]) print V\kgti. Aristophanes also used it as the basis of Tqiv\kgr, the title of a lost comedy, see Appendix 1. Cf. 213, 332, 336, 348, 670. Thus Sch. Ach. 609; for the use of this word cf. Hippon. fr. 59 W, Cratin. fr. 277. Cf. 180 pq_mimoi ‘hard as holm-oak’, of the chorus and V. 383, pqim~dg hul|m for the chorus there, denoting toughness, resilience and perhaps also irritability.

Chaones, Gela and Katagela as the names of places where delegations are dispatched, imply that it is not only the chosen ambassadors, but also the missions themselves that are worthy of derision. After the naming of the chorus, there are numerous further targets for personal satire. 167 Such a name comes nicely after the description of unworthy men who offend the old citizens represented by the chorus, in particular by depriving them of their decency and seizing their possessions. mteqe? Laqx¸ar.

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