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By Johannes Sobotta, H. Becher

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Read e-book online Neural Nets WIRN VIETRI-97: Proceedings of the 9th Italian PDF

This quantity comprises chosen papers from WIRN VIETRI-97, the ninth Italian Workshop on Neural Nets, held Vietri sul Mare, Salerno, Italy, from 22-24 may well 1997. The papers conceal various themes relating to neural networks, together with development reputation, sign processing, theoretical types, functions in technology and undefined, digital truth, fuzzy structures, and software program algorithms.

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Of even greater interest is the latter’s Viaggi alle due Sicilie e in alcune parti dell’Appennino, written in a limpid prose of exceptional descriptive power and literary flair. The particular approach of these writers to their subject matter, which includes an inclination towards the picturesque, signals the beginning of a new, pre-Romantic sensibility which was to influence many writers of the period. Carlo Gastone Della Torre di Rezzonico’s Giornale del viaggio d’Inghilterra negli anni 1787-88 captures this new spirit in its treatment of landscape and its attraction to ruins and Gothic architecture.

Fresh mounts and different kinds of carriages could be acquired at such places, and the collection and distribution of mail was only one among a variety of functions they fulfilled. The first stage-coach service for commercial passengers was another natural outgrowth of this expanding network. Fixed routes, precise itineraries, regular schedules for departures, layovers and arrivals: these were all significant innovations which marked the beginning of standardisation in land communications. Despite such improvements, coach-travel remained a slow, uncomfortable enterprise which could present real dangers, especially along those routes vulnerable to attack by bandits.

It is thematic in its approach and examines representations of the train in several areas of cultural activity, from literary works to cinema and popular songs. Among its many interesting observations is the frequency with which the train is portrayed as a kind of monster, foreboding in its sheer newness, in literary works of nineteenth–century Germany, England and France. 31 It is during this period that references to the new means of transportation that had captured the popular imagination become increasingly common in travel books.

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Atlante di anatomia umana Volume 1 :Testa, collo, arto superiore, cute by Johannes Sobotta, H. Becher

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