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By A. Brodal, O. Pompeiano

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2. Drawings of a Golgi-impregnated sagittal section through the vestibular nuclear complex in a 4-day-old kitten to illustrate the main regional differences in cell sizes and dendrite patterns. Note especially the differences in the dorsocaudal (to the right) and the ventrorostral part (to the left) in the lateral vestibular nucleus (L). From Hauglie-Hanssen (1968). quent investigations that the subdivisions made by us (Brodal and Pompeiano, 1957) are supported by the findings made in experimental anatomical as well as physiological studies.

By themselves such differences tell little. It is a likely assumption, however, that regions which differ with regard to the types of cells present, their orientation, density and distribution, differ in other respects as well, morphologically as well as functionally. On every point where it has been possible to test it, this assumption has turned out to be correct. I will mention a few data which illustrate the differences between nuclear groups with reference to Fig. 1. This shows our cytoarchitectonic map of the vestibular nuclear complex in the cat as seen in transverse Nissl stained sections.

We must test this situation in an animal both with unopened labyrinth capsule and References p p . L O W E N S T E I N Fig. 2A, B, Same preparation as in Fig. 1 . It will be seen that the gravitational response follows the positional change in A but hardly in B. Total time, 3 min. The traces 1 and 2: two accelerometers monitoring the tumble in antiphase. Upward deflexion in trace 2: 90"nose-down; downward deflexion 90" nose-up. C , D, Response from the anterior ramus of the eighth nerve in the physiologically intact unanaesthetized bullfrog ( R a m catesbeiana) with implanted tungsten electrode.

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