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The two morphs seem to interbreed freely in the wild state, and the relatively rare occurrence of the dark type suggests that it represents a rccessive genetic factor in the population north of Lake Toba (Rijksen, 1978). If it was formerly assumed that the 'typical' light-haired Sumatran orang-utan was invariably of the 'robust' stubby- fingered morph (Rijksen, 1978; Courtenay, et al. e. in the Kluet area (also van Schaik, pers. ) and on the northern side of the river Batangtoru near Sibolga Bay.

Rugged and serrated ridge pattem whKh nses from about 500 m 1n 1ts bottomlands up to some 1700 m at the ndge tops. The westem water catchment of the Busang Ulu 1s cont1guous Wllh the Bat1kap Protect1on Forest complex of the northern sector of the Schwaner mounta1n range. Only 1n the weslern valley of the S. Busang, which is largely below 500 m, have people reported that the ape is occasionally seen. Elsewhere 1n the vast mountatn compiex hardly any reliable orang-utan sigh\lngs have been reported, and the ape 15 bei1eved tobe rare 10 most of the headwaters of the river Bartto (Bodmer et al.

It concerned an article covering the distribution pattern of several large mammals in southern and eastern Borneo (Zondag, 1931), based on a widespread inquiry among colonial authorities (civil and military) in the region. In the 1930s, the ape reportedly occurred in the subdistricts Kotta TMlringin, Sampit, Boven Dajak, West Koetai and along the river Sangkulirang, as weil as along the river Kajan or Boelongan. A comprehensive addition to this record was subsequendy published as a Supplement to Mededeelingen No 10 of the Netherlands Commission for International Nature Protection in 1935.

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